Department of Nutrition, Hospitality and Human Services

Department of Nutrition, Hospitality and Human Services

Location: Office 120 Nutrition, Hospitality and Human Services Building

Phone: (409) 880-8663

Chair: Dr. Jill Killough

Department Chair: Dr. Jill Killough, (409) 880-8665,

Administrative Associate Sr.: Kent O'Quinn, (409) 880-8663,

Student Success Liason and Academic Coordinator: Marie Panchot, (409) 880-8670,

Department Description

The Department of Nutrition, Hospitality & Human Services is dedicated to servicing and creating global consumers.


We are characterized by professional disciplines bound by the common theme of rendering service to individuals, families, and communities, addressing fundamental human needs.

We serve capable students and equip them with the knowledge and marketable skills to raise the quality of life and render services at the personal, family, community and global levels.

Values of the department are:

  • Quality teaching
  • Innovative curriculum
  • Integration of technology
  • Experiential learning
  • Evidence-based research