Hospitality Administration (B.S.) Culinary Arts

Hospitality Administration (B.S.) Culinary Arts

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Major: Hospitality Administration

Concentration: Culinary Arts

Total Hours: 120

Program Coordinator

Dr. Jill Killough, (409) 880-8663, 120 Nutrition, Hospitality and Human Services Building,

Program Educational Objectives

  1. Provide innovative curriculum and instruction of a quality and scope that will qualify students to excel in culinary arts and foodservice management positions. 
  2. Participate in the activities of community organizations/businesses and develop a network of professionals who act as mentors for students in their learning experiences and provide employment opportunities in the field of culinary arts and foodservice management.
  3. Attract, accommodate and support a diverse student population.
  4. Promote lifelong learning and professional development education and activities for students.
  5. Provide experiences which will enable students to meet the performance requirements for nationally recognized culinary arts certifications and to promote employment of program graduates as culinary arts/foodservice management professionals.
  6. Practice analytical and critical evaluation skills to be applied to real-life case resolution.

Program Student Outcomes

Upon program completion, graduates will be able to:

  1. Critically examine, discuss, and demonstrate ethical decision-making that addresses stakeholder and organization needs.
  2. Demonstrate a high level of success in applying effective management strategies by identifying the talents and skills of individuals to deliver the best product and service to targeted customers.
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in analyzing hospitality market situations and financial positions and developing proactive business plans in culinary arts and foodservice operations.
  4. Apply culinary arts and hospitality professional standards such as exceptional customer service. 
  5. Utilize relevant and sensitive principles and tactics to address ethics– and diversity-based industry issues


The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Administration- Culinary Arts prepares students with both practical and managerial expertise in the field of culinary arts. Students actively learn and apply techniques in culinary arts and acquire management skills to successfully supervise a professional food operation. Community service and industry exposure prepares students with a working knowledge of contemporary practices and the basis for interactive projects. Management courses in law, organizational behavior, human resources, marketing, and accounting are taught from a hospitality perspective so that students learn the unique challenges of the industry. Finally, the successful completion of a special group of courses permits an additional American Culinary Federation certification in culinary arts.