Modern Languages/Spanish (B.A.)

Modern Languages/Spanish (B.A.)

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Major: Modern Languages

Concentration: Spanish

Total Hours: 120

General Education Core Curriculum
ENGL 1301Composition I3
Select one of the following:3
Beginning French I
Beginning Spanish I
MATH 1332Contemporary Mathematics I3
Life and Physical Sciences
Select two of the following:6
General Biology (Non-Science Majors)
Plants and Human Society (Non-Majors)
Environmental Science
Chemistry for Allied Health Sciences
Biochemistry for Allied Health Sciences
General Chemistry I
General Chemistry II
Introductory Environmental & Physical Geology
Elementary Physics I Lecture
Elementary Physics II Lecture
Introduction to Astronomy Lecture
Space Exploration
Language, Philosophy and Culture
Select one of the following:3
Close Reading II
British Literature
American Literature
World Literature
African-American Literature
Creative Arts
Select one of the following:3
Art Appreciation
Art History I
Film Appreciation
The Art of Computer Game Development
Dance Appreciation
Music Appreciation
Jazz History and Appreciation
History of Rock and Roll
Arts and Ideas
Theatre Appreciation
American History
Select two of the following:6
U S History I 1763-1877
U S History II Since 1877
Texas History
Government/Political Science
POLS 2301Intro to American Government I3
POLS 2302Intro/American Government II3
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
Business Environment and Public Policy
Intro to Criminal Justice
Principles and Policies
Principles of Economics I Macro
Principles of Economics II Micro
Intro to Consumer Finance
Engineering Economics
Intro to Political Science
General Psychology
Lifespan Development
Introduction to Sociology
Intro Social Work
Component Area Option
ENGL 1302Composition II3
MATH 1342Statistics3
Required Major Courses
Spanish Concentration
ENGL 2326American Literature3
SPAN 3300Spanish Conversation3
SPAN 3310Advanced Grammar and Composition3
SPAN 4380Adv Conversation TOPT3
SPAN 3320Culture/Civilization of Spain3
or SPAN 3330 Culture and Civilization of Latin America
SPAN 4310Latin American Lit I3
or SPAN 4320 Latin American Lit II
SPAN 4330Sur Span Peninsular Lit I3
or SPAN 4340 Survey of Spanish Peninsular Literature II
3000-4000 SPAN Elective6
Select six hours of a 3000-4000 Level Elective from the following:6
Elective Courses
Academic Electives
Select 15 hours of Academic Electives, 6 hours must be at the 3000-4000 level15
Arts and Sciences Requirements
Select one of the following:3
Philosophy of Knowledge
Any other PHIL, ENGL 23XX Literature course not already used
Modern Language Requirements
Modern Language Beginning II3
Modern Language Intermediate I3
Modern Language Intermediate II3
Select 18 hours, 12 hours of which must be advanced18
Total Hours120