Modern Languages (B.A.) Spanish Education

Modern Languages (B.A.) Spanish Education

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Major: Modern Languages

Concentration: Spanish Education

Total Hours: 120

Teacher Certification - Those receiving the Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages/ Spanish with a Teaching certification must take the same core curriculum and departmental foundations outlined in Bachelor of Arts Modern Languages/Spanish and similar major studies with the exceptions listed below.

Students majoring in Modern Languages/Spanish with Teaching Certification do not need to have a minor. In addition, these students must complete SPAN 4360 Teaching MethodsSPAN 4370 Special Topics or SPAN 4380 Adv Conversation TOPT. These students must also complete all required courses in professional pedagogy, including student teaching, must comply with all current departmental/university and state preparation/remediation policies, and must pass appropriate local and state qualifying examinations. The ML/Spanish with Teaching Certification degree requires nine hours of academic electives.

Students wishing to certify with Spanish as the primary teaching field should major in the Department of English, Modern Languages and Philosophy and receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Languages/Spanish concentration.