Department of History

Department of History

Location: Archer 200

Phone: (409) 880-8511

Chair: Rebecca Ard Boone

Administrative Specialist: Jasmine Garcia, (409) 880-8511,


Undergraduate Junior: Mark A. Mengerink, (409) 880-7618,

Undergraduate Senior: Rebecca Boone, (409) 880-7834

Graduate: Jeff Forret, (409) 880-2289,

The Department of History at Lamar University combines cutting-edge research and a commitment to student success, both on campus and beyond. Our faculty specializes in fields that span the globe, producing scholarship that applies social, cultural, political, legal, gender, intellectual and environmental methodologies to the diverse experiences that have shaped our communities and our world.

Our faculty emphasize critical thinking, cultivate effective communication skills and value close mentor-student relationships. the history curriculum develops the intellectual tools that inform and empower our students as responsible leaders. through the discipline of history, faculty prepare students for a wide range of careers in education, academia, government service, law, public engagement, journalism, business and the non-profit sector.