Department of Earth and Space Sciences

Department of Earth and Space Sciences

Location: 113 Geology Building

Phone: (409) 880-8236

Chair: Joseph Kruger

The mission of the Department of Earth and Space Sciences as a group, and earth and space sciences as disciplines, is to integrate a broad diversity and range of scientific information regarding the Earth and its surroundings in space into a coherent and understandable framework. This integration of Earth and space-related information is unique among the sciences and makes the department an important part of the College of Arts and Sciences. In addition, the department functions as a major contributor to students' appreciation of the importance of their physical surroundings and environment to their daily lives.

The Department of Earth and Space Sciences specializes in undergraduate instruction and offers bachelor’s degrees in Geology and Earth Science, minors in Geology, Earth Science, and Space Science, undergraduate and graduate certificates in GIS, and a master’s degree in Geospatial Sciences.  Graduates may be employed in industry (petroleum, mining, engineering, hydrogeology, environmental geology, and aerospace), by government agencies, educational institutions, and by other industries and organizations that employ geoscientists or geospatial scientists.  Students may also elect to pursue a graduate degree here or at another institution.

Department faculty have a broad range of research and scholarly interests.  These include traditional specializations in geology such as stratigraphy, sedimentology, structural geology, paleontology, petroleum geology, petrology, environmental geology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, and geophysics.  In addition, faculty have interests and expertise in lunar and planetary science, GIS, GPS, and remote sensing.