English (M.A.)

English (M.A.)

Degree: Master of Arts

Major: English

Total Hours: 36

The Department reserves the right to waive these requirements under special circumstances.

The degree of Master of Arts in English offers a thesis option and a non-thesis option.

The thesis option requires the completion of 30 semester hours of graduate work: 24 in English (or 18 with an approved 6 graduate hours outside of the department) and six in the thesis. Students may write a creative or critical thesis or complete an approved written academic project and students must orally defend their theses.

In the non-thesis option, students substitute 12 semester hours of coursework for the thesis, resulting in 36 hours of coursework (with the possibility of 6 graduate hours outside of the department). Students must orally defend their coursework.

For Both Options:

  1. Students must take ENGL 5335 Introduction to the Profession, or have taken ENGL 4335 Intro to the Profession as an undergraduate.
  2. Students should take at least 12 hours in one concentration offered within the department: literature, writing, rhetoric, or pedagogy.
  3. With written justification and approval from the department chair, students may take up to 6 hours outside of the department, with the exception of the alternative certification option.
  4. With the approval of the chair and a graduate faculty member’s endorsement and sponsorship, a student may pursue up to 6 hours of coursework in independent writing, research projects, or internships intended for potential publication or vocational use.
  5. Students who have completed the 12-hour language requirement for the BA (four semesters of a modern language other than English) or who are able to exhibit a reading knowledge of a language by examination may take the thesis option or the non-thesis option in any concentration.