University Studies (B.S.) Organizational Leadership Concentration

University Studies (B.S.) Organizational Leadership Concentration

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Major: University Studies

Concentration: Organizational Leadership

Total Hours: 120

Concentration Overview

The Organizational Leadership concentration offers students insight into management techniques and communication strategies to meet the needs of today’s workforce leaders. In addition, this program of study includes supporting coursework options from various disciplines (Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, and Management Information Systems) to allow students to tailor to preferred leadership and analytic skills. Students interested in using this degree as a foundation for graduate school should consult their advisor(s) for methods to align coursework options for specific programs of advanced study.

Degree Requirements

120 semester hours minimum; 2.000 cumulative GPA minimum:

  • 42 hours within the general education core curriculum
    • Earning a letter grade of C or better in ENGL 1301 Composition I and ENGL 1302 Composition II is strongly encouraged
    • COMM 1321 Business and Professional Speech is preferred for the Communication core requirement; MATH 1314 College Algebra(Non-Calculus) is preferred for the Mathematics core requirement; PHIL 2306 Ethics is preferred for the Language, Philosophy, and Culture core requirement; PSYC 2301 General Psychology is preferred for the Social and Behavioral Sciences core requirement.
  • 36 hours within general electives block
    • PSYC 2301 General Psychology (if not taken in core) and COMM 1318 Interpersonal Communication are required courses for the general electives block.
  • 42 hours within advanced electives block
    • All courses applied to the advanced electives block must have a letter grade of C or better.
    • A minimum of 12 hours of senior (4000) level coursework is required within the advanced electives block.
    • AASC 3301 Lifelong Learning and Portfolio Development, AASC 4301 Senior Seminar, and ENGL 3311 Professional Writing are required courses for the advanced electives block. Prerequisites for AASC 3301 Lifelong Learning and Portfolio Development include both ENGL 1301 Composition I and ENGL 1302 Composition II.
    • Management Academic Area: 12 hours chosen from MGMT 3300 Introduction to Critical Thinking and Business Decision MakingMGMT 3310 Principles of Organizational Behavior and Management; MGMT 3320 Production Management; MGMT 3330 Human Resource Management; MGMT 4320 Advanced Organizational Behavior; MGMT 4330 Compensation Management; MGMT 4340 Quality and Productivity Management; MGMT 4350 Issues in Human Resource Management.
    • Communication Academic Area: 12 hours chosen from COMM 3301 Intercultural Communication; COMM 3340 Interviewing; COMM 3390 Conflict Management and Small Group Communication; COMM 4302 Exploring and Communicating Forgiveness; COMM 4320 Nonverbal Communication; COMM 4340 Organizational Communication; COMM 4350 Corporate Training and DevelopmentCOMM 4366 Digital Marketing CommunicatioCOMM 4368 Media EntrepreneurshipCOMM 4381 Political CommunicationCOMM 4383 Persuasion; COMM 4395 Studies in Communication (when topic applies); COMM 4396 Studies in Media (when topic applies).
    • Leadership and Analytics Academic Area: 9 hours chosen from PSYC 3330 Psychology of Social Interaction; PSYC 3340 Industrial Psychology; PSYC 4301 Special Topics (when topic applies); SOCI 3306 Race & Ethnic Relations; SOCI 4300 Seminar in Sociology (when topic applies); SOWK 3360 Promoting Social Justice; SOWK 4320 Seminar (when topics applies); MISY 3310 Principles of MIS; MISY 3321 Spreadsheets for Business AnalyticsMISY 3330 Database DesignMISY 3341 Data VisualizationMISY 3350 Programming for Business AnalyticsMISY 3370 IS Analysis and Design (requires MISY 3310 Principles of MIS); MISY 3380 Database Programming;  MISY 3390 Data MiningMISY 4340 Business Intelligence and AnalyticsMISY 4380 IS Development (requires MISY 3370 IS Analysis and Design)