Machine Learning Certificate

Machine Learning Certificate

Degree: Certificate

Major: Machine Learning

Concentration: None

Total Hours: 15

Required Courses
ELEN 5301Special Topics3
or COSC 5340 Special Topics
COSC 5311Data Mining3
or INEN 5382 Enterprise Bus Intelligence
CPSC 5375Machine Learning3
Elective Courses
Select two courses from one of the disciplines below:6
Intelligent Chemical Process Control
Art Neural Networks/FZ Logic
Advanced Process Control
Intelligent Industrial Systems
Heuristic Algorithms
Engineering Database Design
Operations Research II
Quality Control Systems
Intelligent Machines
Instrumentation Systems & Automation
Robotics Systems
Automated System Engineering
Intro Robotics
Intelligent Computer Systems
Special Topics 1
Special Topics (Data Science and Big Data Analysis)
Total Hours15

See your advisor for applicable topics