Computer Information Sciences (B.S.)

Computer Information Sciences (B.S.)

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Major: Computer Information Sciences

Concentration: None

Total Hours: 120

The Computer Information Sciences program has an overall emphasis on information networking and technology. An interplay of knowledge from areas such as distributed computing, software engineering, expert systems, information retrieval and database management systems define the information technology concept. Information networks are becoming an integral and strategic component of such industries as petrochemicals, transportation, space technology, education, banking and finance, medical applications, manufacturing and retailing. Graduates of this program will possess an integrated set of skills from the fields of engineering, computer science and business.

Students are required to take the ETS Computer Science Field Exam during the semester in which they are graduating. Graduates of this program will be prepared to respond to the varied and changing needs of an information society. Such positions as Database Administrator, Network Manager, and Chief Information Officer are among the careers that are open to graduates in this field.