Master of Music in Performance (M.M.)

Master of Music in Performance (M.M.)

Degree: Master of Music

Major: Music

Concentration: Performance

Total Hours: 30

Performance Track: 30 Hours

The Performance track of the Master of Music degree requires 30 semester hours as listed below. In addition, a public recital and either a research paper or lecture recital are required.

  • Must audition and be accepted for admission to the degree program.
  • Must perform a lecture recital and a one-hour performance recital.
  • Must be enrolled in an applied music course in the semesters of the recitals.
  • Must pass a capstone oral or written examination.
  • Leveling or Deficiency Courses (if needed)
  • Performance track students who do not hold the undergraduate music degree in performance must take courses, as needed, to gain equivalency with the Lamar University Bachelor of Music degree in performance.
  1. Applied - 12 hours (3 semesters, 4 credit hours each semester)
  2. Music History - 6 hours (two 3-hour courses)
  3. Music Theory - 6 hours (two 3-hour courses)
  4.  MUAP 5301 Field Study and Capstone 
  5. MUED 5320 Music Reference, Research and Writing).
  6. Public recital - 50 minutes of music
  7. Lecture recital - performance-related, based on research or research paper
  8. Oral or written examination - A committee of three graduate faculty members, selected by the student in conjunction with the major applied professor, will administer a final comprehensive examination. It may be oral or written, based on the preference of the applied professor. Topics covered will be taken from the student's coursework in the master's curriculum.