Music Minor

Music Minor

Core Curriculum Requirement (3 hours): MUSI 1306 Music Appreciation. All students seeking a minor in music will be required to take MUSI 1306 Music Appreciation as the core curriculum requirement in creative arts.

Lower Level
MUTY 1211Music Theory I2
MUTY 1212Music Theory II2
MUTY 1116Elementary Sight Singing & Ear Training I1
MUTY 1117Elementary Sight Singing & Ear Training II1
Select one of the following: 12
Marching Band
and Symphonic Band (for instrumental emphasis)
A Cappella Choir
and Grand Chorus (for choral emphasis)
MUSI 1170Recital Attendance1
MUSI 1170Recital Attendance1
Upper Level
Group I
MUSI 3250Choral Music2
or MUSI 3260 Instrumental Music
Group II
Select one of the following:3
Choral Conducting
Instrumental Conducting
Elementary Music I
Secondary Curriculum and Methodology
Group III
Upper-level music electives 24
Total Hours23

Audition required for some ensembles.


Up to 5 hours to bring the upper-level total to 9 semester hours.