Master of Music in Music Education (M.M.)

Master of Music in Music Education (M.M.)

Degree: Master of Music

Major: Music

Concentration: Education

Total Hours: 30

Music Education Track: 30 Hours

The Music Education concentration of the Master of Music degree requires 30 semester hours.

  1. Music Education - 18 hours
    1. MUED 5320 Music Reference, Research and Writing (required)
    2. MUED 5330 Basic Concepts in MUED, (required)
    3. 12 elective hours in music education courses
      1. Applied lesson option: Students may enroll in 6 hours of applied lessons (3 semesters, 2 credit hours each semester) in lieu of 6 hours of music education. They do not have to be in the same applied area.
  2. Music History - 6 hours (two 3-hour courses)
  3. Music Theory - 6 hours (two 3-hour courses)
  4. Written examination - A committee of three graduate faculty members, selected by the student from graduate faculty under whom the student has taken a graduate-level course at Lamar, will administer a final comprehensive examination. It will be in a written format, timed with a clear deadline for submission. The chair of the department does not typically serve on the written examination committee. Topics covered will be taken from the student's coursework in the master's curriculum.