Social Work (BSW)

Social Work (BSW)

Degree: Bachelor of Social Work

Major: Social Work

Concentration: None

Total Hours: 120

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), which prepares students for entry-level professional social work practice, will be awarded upon completion of the following requirements:

  1. General Education Core Curriculum: 42 credit hours. The science courses must be BIOL 1308 General Biology (Non-Science Majors) and BIOL 2306 Environmental Science unless substituted with a 4-hour lab science. Math requirement: MATH 1314 College Algebra(Non-Calculus) or MATH 1332 Contemporary Mathematics I plus a statistics course (MATH 1342 Statistics or PSYC 2317 Introduction to Statistical Methods).
  2. Major: 51 credit hours to include - SOWK 2361 Intro Social Work, SOWK 2371 Survey Soc Welfare, SOWK 3300 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I, SOWK 3310 Social Work Practice I, SOWK 3320 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II, SOWK 3330 Social Work Practice II, SOWK 3340 Soc Welfare Policy & Services, SOWK 3350 Social Work Practice III, SOWK 3360 Promoting Social Justice, SOWK 4321 Field Practicum I, SOWK 4324 Field Practicum II, SOWK 4300 Special Topics, SOWK 4380 Social Work Research Method plus four seminar electives (SOWK 4320 Seminar).
  3. Departmental Requirements: 12 credit hours - SOCI 1306 Social Problems or higher, Criminal Justice, Anthropology, 2 Approved Electives of 3000 level or higher.
  4. Field Practicum Prerequisites: Students must have completed: SOWK 2361 Intro Social Work,SOWK 2371 Survey Soc Welfare, HBSE 1, HBSE 2, Practice l, Practice II, Practice 3/Macro, and Special Topics Seminar (SOWK 4300 Special Topics) and must have completed or must be concurrently enrolled in Social & Economic Justice. Field students must be a SOWK major in good standing with an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher prior to placement and be interviewed and approved by the Field Director. Field students must submit a criminal history check prior to placement. Any exception must be approved by the student’s academic committee (Program Director and Advisor)