Criminal Justice (M.S.) Thesis Track

Criminal Justice (M.S.) Thesis Track

Degree: Master of Science

Major: Criminal Justice

Concentration: Thesis Track

The Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice is designed to prepare students for upper-level staff, administrative, management, treatment and planning positions in criminal/juvenile justice agencies. The program has an applied focus, teaching practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge. The program consists of 36 semester hours including the completion of an applied project. Those electing the optional thesis route may complete their degree requirements with 30 hours.

Admission Requirements

  1. A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university in criminal justice, criminology, sociology, or the equivalent. Students with undergraduate degrees in other fields but with substantial work experience in criminal/juvenile justice may be admitted with special approval. Those without substantial work experience and with undergraduate degrees in other fields may be admitted after taking specified undergraduate courses.
  2. Undergraduate grade point average (GPA) and Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores according to the formula [GPA X 200] + [GRE V+Q] ≥ 1350.
  3. Proficiency in the use of personal computers, including word processing, spreadsheets, databases and Internet search engines.
  4. Satisfactory completion of at least one statistics course and one social science research course.

Applicants who do not meet all admission requirements may enter as Pre-Graduate, pending full admission. Under Pre-Graduate status, the student must make up all deficiencies and earn at least a “B” average. No more than six hours of graduate credit may be earned prior to full admission.

Degree Requirements

  • 18 hours of core courses, including Thesis I and II (CRIJ 5390 Thesis & CRIJ 5391 Thesis)
  • 12 hours of electives from Criminal Justice or related fields, based on student's needs and interests