History (B.A.) Teacher Certification

History (B.A.) Teacher Certification

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Major: History

Concentration: Teacher Certification

Total Hours: 120

A grade of C or better is required in ENGL 1301 Composition I/ENGL 1302 Composition II and all history courses

General Education Core Curriculum
ENGL 1301Composition I3
Select one of the following:3
Beginning French I
Beginning Spanish I
Select one of the following:3
College Algebra(Non-Calculus)
Contemporary Mathematics I
Life and Physical Sciences
Select two from the following:8
General Biology I (Majors)
General Biology II (Majors)
Anatomy and Physiology I
Anatomy and Physiology II
Geology I: Physical Geology
Geology II: Historical Geology
Elementary Physics I
Elementary Physics II
Intro Astronomy
Space Science
Language, Philosophy and Culture
Select one of the following:3
Close Reading II
British Literature
American Literature
World Literature
African-American Literature
Creative Arts
ARTS 1303Art History I3
American History
HIST 1301U S History I 1763-18773
HIST 1302U S History II Since 18773
Government/Political Science
POLS 2301Intro to American Government I3
POLS 2302Intro/American Government II3
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
Business Environment and Public Policy
Intro to Criminal Justice
Principles and Policies
Principles of Economics I Macro
Principles of Economics II Micro
Intro to Consumer Finance
Engineering Economics
Intro to Political Science
General Psychology
Lifespan Development
Introduction to Sociology
Intro Social Work
Component Area Option
ENGL 1302Composition II3
LIBR 1101Introduction to Library Research1
Required Major Courses
Bachelor of Arts Requirements
Elementary Foreign Language I3
Intermediate Foreign Language I 3
Intermediate Foreign Language II3
COMM 1315Public Speaking I3
English Literature - 3 hours from:3
Close Reading II
British Literature
American Literature
World Literature
African-American Literature
History Courses
HIST 2301Texas History3
HIST 2321World History I3
HIST 2322World History II3
HIST 3390History Research3
American History, 3000-4000 Level 16
World History, 3000-4000 Level 16
Pedagogy Courses
PEDG 2310Introduction to Teacher Education3
PEDG 3300Human Development and Learning3
READ 3326Content Area Reading3
PEDG 3380Secondary Curriculum and Methodology3
PEDG 4380Secondary Methodology and Classroom Management3
PEDG 4620Clinical Teaching6
Minor 218
Total Hours120

Minimum 3 hours at the 4000 level.


Approved minor of at least 18 hours, 12 of which are at the advanced (3000/4000) level.