Studio Art (B.S.) Concentration in Education

Studio Art (B.S.) Concentration in Education

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Major: Studio Art

Concentration: Art Education

Total Hours: 123

The Bachelor of Science degree in Studio Art is designed for those seeking all-levels art teacher certification and requires 42 credit hours of academic foundations and 84 credit hours of professional program (including 21 hours of professional development in the College of Education and Human Development). For details concerning requirements for teacher certification and information on professional education courses, consult the College of Education and Human Development section in this catalog. All students must satisfy provisions of the Texas Success Initiative program, see section 6.1.22 in this catalog. Developmental courses do not count in the GPA (except for determining full-time status and issues related to probation and suspension) and do not count toward graduation.

  1. General Education Core Curriculum: 42 hours (including ARTS 1303 Art History I)
  2. Major Requirements: 60 Hours
    1. 51 hours from the following: ARTS 1304 Survey of Art II, 2305, 1311, 1312, 1316, 1317, 2311, 2323, 2356, 3305, 3314, 3328, 3355, 3376, 4331, 4371, 4381.
    2. Studio Art Elective: six hours
    3. Art History Elective (upper division): three hours
  3. Other Requirements
    1. 21 credit hours in Professional Pedagogy as specified by the College of Education and Human Development
    2. All students entering a degree program in studio art must be counseled by the art department chair regarding study options available.
    3. Departmental advising is mandatory for all art majors, and each art student will be assigned a faculty advisor.
    4. Art majors are required to follow the prescribed sequence of courses.
    5. The letter grade "C" will be the minimum prerequisite grade for the successful completion of all required courses in the major and for continuing studio courses in sequence.
    6. Art majors are required to meet formally with the department chairperson two semesters prior to anticipated graduation for the purpose of degree audit.