Master of Engineering - Chemical (M.E.)

Master of Engineering - Chemical (M.E.)

Degree: Master of Engineering

Major: Engineering

Concentration: Chemical Engineering


  1. All College of Graduate Studies general degree requirements.
  2. Completion of a minimum of 30 semester hours of coursework, of which at least 6 hours must come from:
  •  CHEN 6302 Transport PhenomenaCHEN 6343 Kinetics and Reactor DesignCHEN 6347 Advanced Thermodynamics, and CHEN 6348 Adv Chem Engineering Math.
  • All other CHEN 5XXX and 6XXX level courses may be taken toward your degree. 
  • Other 5xxx and 6xxx level courses from other engineering or science disciplines may be considered for approval by department graduate advisor on a per case basis.
  • Of the 30 hours, a maximum of 6 credit hours may be taken external to the chemical engineering department. Additionally, no external courses may be taken until a minimum of 9 credit hours are completed within the chemical engineering department.

3. Satisfactory completion of a final comprehensive examination. 

  • Comprehensive Examination Format:
    • The The comprehensive exam will consist of four (4) written subject examinations on topics selected by the student, based on the following criteria:
      • At least two (2) selected from the ME core classes:
      • The remaining selected from 5XXX and 6XXX courses taken in chemical engineering.
    • Each portion of the exam will last for one (1) hour, with all four being completed consecutively in one day. The comprehensive exam will be administered once per long semester. A student must pass all four subjects to successfully pass the comprehensive exam. A student who fails only one subject must, in the next long semester, either retake only the failed subject or take four subjects that satisfy a new exam attempt. NOTE: YOU MAY NOT TAKE AN EXAM FOR A COURSE IN WHICH YOU ARE CURRENTLY ENROLLED.