Electrical Engineering (MES)

Electrical Engineering (MES)

Degree: Master of Engineering Science

Major: Engineering

Degree Requirements

  1. All College of Graduate Studies general degree requirements
  2. Up to 9 semester hours of core courses as specified by the academic department
  3. A minimum of 15 semester hours (five courses) of electives. Other courses approved by the department graduate advisor may satisfy part of this requirement
  4. Satisfactory completion and defense of a Master's thesis (a minimum of 6 semester hours of ENGR 5390 Thesis and ENGR 5391 Thesis)



Up to 6 credit hours of graduate-level coursework (5000 level) taken as part of B.S. engineering programs at Lamar University can be counted toward the 30-hour degree requirement. These courses shall receive prior approval by the department chair or his/her designee.