Deaf Studies and Deaf Education (Ed.D.)

Deaf Studies and Deaf Education (Ed.D.)

Degree: Doctor of Education

Major: Deaf Studies/Deaf Education

Total Hours: 60

Mission Statement

Lamar University is one of only a few universities in the United States offering a doctoral degree in Deaf Studies and Deaf Education. In offering this program, Lamar University is addressing a critical national and international shortage of doctoral-trained educators of the deaf. Graduates of the doctoral program go on to assume leadership roles in schools for the deaf or become teacher trainers in university settings.

Learning Outcomes

Doctoral students' progressing through the doctoral program will include accomplishing four Program Learning Outcomes, which include:

  • Apply the basic principles of inquiry and research design to educational research
  • Demonstrate "T" learning; the top of the T demonstrates the breadth of knowledge about Deaf Studies and Deaf Education while the stem of the T demonstrates the depth of knowledge in the cognate/dissertation area.
  • Demonstrate the ability of ASL/English bilingual fluency in academic content.
  • Publish peer-reviewed and translated articles.

The Lamar University Doctor of Education in Deaf Studies and Deaf Education is a minimum of 60 hours of coursework and six hours of dissertation. The program courses are categorized as follows:

Core Courses - 36 Hours


Prerequisite: All coursework, including research methods/statistics

Statistics/Research Courses - 9 Hours

​Cognate Courses - 12 Hours

  • Can be transfer Credits
  • DSDE Special topics
  • EDUD classes in leadership/multiculturalism)
  • Research Classes

Dissertation - 6 Hours

Total Hours Required

60 plus 6 hours of dissertation = 66 credit hours.

  • Students must take Prelims (Preliminary exams) after 18 to 21 credit hours in DSDE with a minimum of 4 courses in DSDE.
  • Students must take Comps (Comprehensive exams) at the end of coursework (60 credit hours of coursework).

Admission to the Doctoral Degree Program

Applicants for admission to the doctoral program in deaf studies and deaf education, except for students who are deaf (see below), are ranked for admission based on the following criteria:

  1. Take the GRE. Applicants must meet the admission standards according to the formula (GPA x 50) + (GRE Verbal+Quantitative) is equal to or greater than 428. The GRE is offered through the LU Career and Professional Development Office. All applicants must have the Educational Testing Service submit GRE scores directly to Lamar University.
  2. Provide evidence of American Sign Language competency based on the ASL-PI.
  3. Provide three letters of support.
  4. Complete an interview with DSDE faculty.
  5. Must have a master's degree in deaf education or related field.
  6. An essay including the applicant's philosophy of education and professional goals. The essay will be used to identify the writing ability required for the successful completion of the DSDE doctoral program.
  7. Submit a detailed resume or Curriculum Vitae explaining your work with the deaf community