Construction Management (B.S.)

Construction Management (B.S.)

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Major: Construction Management

Total Hours: 120

B.S. in Construction Management (CM) degree requires a total of 120 credit hours. For a complete list of courses, refer to the Degree Plan of Construction Management  and the Course Flow.

Undergraduate Entrance Requirements: The entrance requirements from high school for the CM Program are English (4 units), Mathematics (Algebra - 2 units, Geometry - 1 unit, Pre-calculus or Trigonometry - 1 unit), and Natural Sciences (Chemistry - 1 unit, Physics - 1 unit). Students who meet the general entrance requirements of Lamar University, but lack in specific requirements for the construction management curricula may enroll in the CM Program; however, all deficiencies must be removed before the end of the second academic year. The CM Program urges students with entrance deficiencies or weaknesses to use the summer terms preceding the freshman year in college to remove them.

In addition to the University's academic policies, the CM Program enforces the following standards:

  • Students are required to take courses in the numeric sequence generally shown in the University Catalog for the CM Program and in the order approved in the CM Program of Study, available in the CM office.
  • GPA requirement – To graduate, a student must have a minimum 2.5 GPA within their discipline (major courses); major courses include all CMGT courses and the College of Business courses. Per the Lamar University policy, students must also have a 2.0 GPA overall.
  • Degree credit – For certain courses required in the CMGT degree plan, prerequisites specify that a grade of C or better is mandatory. To stay on track to graduation, students must earn a grade of C or better for ENGL 1301 Composition I, MATH 2312 Pre Calculus and Elementary Functions, PHYS 1305 Elementary Physics I Lecture, and PHYS 1307 Elementary Physics II Lecture.
  • The student's advisor must approve all electives.
  • Attendance Policy: students enrolled in (CMGT) classes will be automatically dropped after 5 unexcused absences. This policy, as well as what constitutes an excused absence, is communicated in each CMGT Syllabus.