Modern Languages/French (B.A.)

Modern Languages/French (B.A.)

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Major: Modern Languages

Concentration: French

Total Hours: 120

  • Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages (French concentration) - 120 hrs

The degree of Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages (ML)/French concentration combines general requirements, including the Core Curriculum and the more specialized study within the major:

  • Core Curriculum Requirements, 45 hours.
  • Academic Foundation Requirements, 9 hours: FREN 1312 Beginning French II, FREN 2311 Intermediate French I, and FREN 2312 Intermediate French II.
  •  ML/French Concentration Major, 30 hours:
    • FREN 3300 French Conversation, FREN 3370 Advanced Grammar & Composition, FREN 3380 French Phonetics, FREN 3390 French Culture & Civilization,
    • Three advanced (3000-or 4000-level) French courses, one of which must be at the 4000 level, and three advanced (3000 or 4000-level) French, English, Spanish, or Philosophy courses.
  • Minor: 18 hours, including at least nine hours of advanced courses.
  • Academic Electives: 18 hours, including at least 6 hours of advanced courses.